Eastleigh Women Forced To Wash Dead Bodies

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A group of women from Nairobi’s Eastleigh area have raised concern over the consistent harassment they have been receiving from area residents while at work.

The women who do manual jobs like washing clothes and baby sitting allege human rights abuse like being forced to wash dead bodies against their will.

“They come with the general word cleaning. But once you get there, they give you all manner of things to wash including dead bodies and under garments with monthly periods,” complained the women.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, some say that their employers have even at some point held knives against them and beaten them for protesting against under payment.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, Everline Kavera stated how she escaped attempted rape from a man who had posed as a client who wanted cleaning services.

They now want human rights organizations to conduct investigations into their claims and address the matter.