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Eastleigh’s Super Power Gang Leader Shot Dead

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A youth in Eastleigh holding panga. PHOTO: COURTESY
A youth in Eastleigh holding panga. PHOTO: COURTESY

Five members of the dreaded criminal ‘Superpower’ gang that has been terrorising Eastlands residents have gone into hiding after their leader was shot and killed by police in Eastleigh Section Three’s Biafra area last week.

The gang, armed with a Tokalev pistol and pangas, had robbed a resident of money and a mobile phone before newly posted police led by the Shauri Moyo OCS confronted and shot the gang leader dead.

The gang members are reported to be contemplating relocating to South C to avoid the police crackdown in Eastlands.

But its not only the superpower gang which is terrorising eastleigh residents, another gang by the name sky and who are sworn enemies of superpower have also emerged and are also giving residents of the area sleepless nights and frequently these two gangs exchange fights which at times have led to death and serious injuries to the gang members.


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