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Ebru TV forced to respond to Kartelo and Chipukeezy’s exit

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Comedian Kartelo on Monday took to social media to reveal that he had been fired from the Chipukeezy Show aired on Youtube.

According to Kartelo, he had been facing issues with the media house because he had made the show too Ghetto.

The comedian revealed that the management demanding that he does not set foot at their studios again.

“Anyway after sasa tumeanza Chipukeezy show, I realized we had a common goal.. Empowering youths, so we chose kupatia the voiceless a chance.. We spent most of our nights on the internet na mtaani tukisaka talents that weren’t given a voice. Youths need to be given a chance… vile tu nilipewa all we wanted is to see more and more wakijengeka. But kulikuwa na ngori, our station walianza maneno Mara oooh show imeanza kuwa na ughetto, Mara oooh kartelo ata atolewe hiyo show ati wazazi hawashiki lugha yake. Walianza kunivuruga since day one. Nikaambiwa we shut down all upcomings na gengetone tulete Wasee wako na ‘value’ .. Chipukeezy thanks again ulisimama na Mimi na the rest of the other talented youths na Kimacho Ngumu tukafanya show.. Fristrations zilikuwa mob, ikafika pale adi watchi anaambiwa tukiingia uko tuvurugwe. Every Monday kwa gate akukukosa Vurugu. Our audience were treated badly.. Our guests pia. Nakumbuka mdosi wangu apo alikuwa anachachisha hadi anatoa veins za kichwa For the first time ndio Nilianza kunotice btw vijana joh Tuko underated. Si huonekana kama sijui nini. Content tu zetu tunavurugwa ni za uduu. Mdosi wangu apa wamemvuruga sana ju anakuwa involved na mavijana. Juzi tu walituma email. Bila tu reason wakadai kartelo asiwai onekana Chipukeezy show ama karibu na hio station… Chipukeezy after tumechapiana for the last few days, akadaisha tu Show itabidi imengolewa.. Anyway the show will continue on another platform tuzidishe Rieng. Mayutman tutaconquer” he wrote in part

According to Chipukeezy he pulled the plug on his show after Ebru terminated Kartelo’s contract.

The veteran comedian says he could not turn the show into a corporate affair yet it is meant for the youth.

Chipukeezy also revealed that his show will be shifted to air on a different platform.

“Hey Guys… A quick one. So I received an email from Ebru TV asking me to terminate my agreement and Collaboration with Kartelo on my show. They say they are a bit concerned that the show has become a bit Ghetto because of the many Youths (Upcoming Musicians and Comedians) on the show. They requested that we try and change the format a little bit. Maybe interview more politicians and afew Corporate Executives. For as much as I respect their request or rather decision, I would like to categorically state that I feel my calling and mission could just be the exact opposite. My Passion, Desire and Vision is to LIFT the Youth of this Country. I feel like God has offered me an opportunity to create a platform for these Young people who are mostly from the slams and majorly disadvantaged. Our politicians are good, they are more than good. Our Executives are actually living their dreams. On the other hand I feel like most talented youths are without hope and opportunity and unless someone holds their hands their Future is mostly uncertain. I am not willing or planning under any circumstances to stop supporting Kartelo and any other young person in this industry and since Ebru seems to have made up their minds on Terminating Kartelo appearance on my show I am sadly left with no option but to terminate my Contract as well. The Chipukeezy show will however continue with Kartelo and many more on a different platform. I want to say a Big thank you to Ebru TV for the far they supported me and an even BIGGER thank you to supporters of Chipukeezy show” wrote Chipukeezy

In its defense Ebru TV now says they terminated Kartelo’s conrtract after he failed to deliver targets as expected.

The media house also claims that Chipukeezy’s show had lost ratings and that the comedian is only using Kartelo to boost ratings.

“Two Day ago Ebru Tv had an disagreement with Kartelo on a project because he had been paid to push and promote an Online Advertisement which he failed to deliver according to our expectations. But as per on Thursday 22/8/2019 he had not posted any of the adverts on his platforms. Based on this the corporation felt that this is negligence of duty and contract not adhered. We have not fully delivered to the client and given value of their money.  So hence forth the management terminates any appearances of Kartelo on Ebru TV. From the documents that we have it has been stated nowhere that Kartelo has been removed because of his Ghetto Character. And because of this Chipukeezy terminated his contract, Is it because he knows he can’t get viewership anymore so he’s looking for “Pity views”? And from The post that Chipukeezy made on his Instagram I believe that’s self interest because Ebru Tv has been known for supporting local talent before even the ChipukeezyShow started.” said a source at Ebru



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