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ECDE Teachers Union At Loggerheads With KNUT over Donor Funds


Kenya Union of Pre-Primary Education Teachers (KUNOPPET) has condemned the move by KNUT to look for donors to fund ECDE training programs in Kenya.

KUNOPPET chairman Lawrence Otunga says that the move is a sign of KNUT encroaching into ECDE matters.

Otunga says that Early Childhood Teachers belong to KUNOPPET and KNUT should stick to the P1 teachers.

“KNUT must stop encroaching on ECDE Teachers territory. We want to put it straight that Early Childhood Teachers belong to KUNOPPET which is a registered entity. KNUT must stop to seeking cheap sympathy from the global donors,” he said.

He says that the move by KNUT is bringing disunity among ECDE teachers.

“KNUT leadership should be informed that ECDE Teachers are not guinea pigs, we are not chewing gums, nor are we desperate characters. We won’t allow them to disguise themselves through ECDE trainings so as to catch the eyes of BUPL and other global ECDE donors which in turn bring confusion. They are organizing these trainings to lure teachers to join them only for them to make money,”Otunga told Ghetto Radi News.

He has cautioned all the ECDE Teachers in Kenya to be careful with individuals and Unions masquerading as fighters for justice.

He has also urged Primary School head teachers to stop mistreating and intimidating ECDE Teachers in their schools.

“They should be informed that there is a clear demarcation which allows KUPPET to deal with post primary teachers, KNUT to stick to P1 teachers and KUNOPPET for preschool teachers,” he concluded.