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  • Masauti opens up on his poor educational background
  • His musical breakthrough came after he relocated from Mombasa to Nairobi
  • He’s pushing his Ep, This is me

Kenyan singer Ali Mohamed Said popularly known as Masauti has opened up on his poor educational background which saw him drop out of school in form two.

The Ipepete hit maker made the revelation recently while on a podcast where he maintained that him and school were like oil and water.

“Acha nikuwe honest ata mtu akiniona asiniulize maswali ya shule ama nini,mimi shule bwana sikuwa vizuri,sikuwa vizuri kabisaa kabisaa yani so at least so nilifika fika apo kama form mbili nikaachilia  apo lakini results za class 8 hazikuwa vizuri ni ile nilijiskumaskuma nikafika hiyo form two …ata sijui nilifika vipi,” explained Masauti.

Nairobi Made Him A Star

Masauti who earned his nickname from a blind music producer at the coast stated that he got his musical breakthrough after relocating to the capital city, Nairobi in 2014 and has never looked back.

“Kusema ukweli mi since nije huku kujitafuta yani ki maisha na kimziki sijawahi rudi mpaka leo yani nimekuwa huku kabisa,nilikuja huku 2014 mpaka sahii,” he stated.

His flawless Swahili lyrics made many believe that he was Tanzanian, to change the notion he had to add ‘Kenyan Boy’ for easy identification.

Over the years, Masauti has proved to be a force to reckon with judging by the way he churns out hit after hit.

He has also managed to work with top rated acts regionally from Lavalava,Nadia Mukami,Otille Brown and Khaligraph Jones just to mention but a few.

Having started from a rocky path,he never shied away from naming some of the people who held his hand on the ladder up, from videographer,J Blessings,Producer,Motif Di Don and Media Personality turned politician Jalang’o among others.

Pushing New Ep, This Is Me

Currently, Masauti is pushing his newest 8 track EP dubbed ‘This is me’.

He has since gone all out and embraced English as a way of expanding his tentacles. This is evident with song’s such as ‘Case’ and ‘Feeling’ which has some lines in English.

“Kwa sababu maisha yangu yote naimba kiswahili si afadhali nijaribu nianze kuimba kiingereza kidogo pia nione hawa watu wa kuongea kiingireza wataniskiza ama kuconnect tu na watu wengine pia tofauti…si ati naimba kizungu kizungu pure kila kitu nachanganya changanya” He added further

From his success,Masauti has been able to build a home for his mother while leading comfortably off music.His journey is a real testimony that one can fail in school but prosper using a God given gift.

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