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Eight things you didn’t know about Peter Kenneth!


We all know him as the Charming aspirant of Nairobi’s Gubernatorial seat and a former two time presidential candidate. Another vivid memory that every team ‘Mafisiress’  won’t also forget is his eye Candy son Andrew who had many girls sleepless during the 2012 campaign period. But beyond the politics and glam who is Peter Kenneth and what is his story?

Here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about Pk

1)He was Born And raised in Bahati estate in Eastlands house number1508. The house still belongs to the mum even though they don’t live there anymore. The rent then was then kshs.9

2)During his time only three of them made it to Starehe Boys Center from his estate. They however were very poor and couldn’t raise the fee and Case workers had to be sent  to confirm their status. They were then sponsored


3)The first thing he did after he got his first job was to installelectricity in the Eight houses that were close to their neighbourhood because growing up he on many nights had to study under the weak embers of a lantern and he wanted to redeem the younger ones from the same struggle.

4)He built for the mum back in Gatanga after he got into politics but brought her back to His place after she fell ill. He still lives with the mum to date.

5)He’s passion for Leadership is rooted from his memory on his life back in Bahati growing up where systems flowed and worked for the common Mwananchi. During the breakfast show on Ghetto Radio with MajiMaji and King Kafu, PK vividly narrated how effective the city council was then. He told of his encounter with the gigantic recyclable dispensary needles, free house painting upon request, free milk in social halls and reliable transport services.

6)His favourite songs are Uliza kiatu of heart the band and Kirio kirie by black blood(hapa Sauti Sol ni kama wamemulikwa). He was an ardent fan of the juke box which only costed one shilling to play a jam during his time

7)He conformed to party politics because he realised that Kenyan politics doesn’t embrace independent and free thinking individuals but insists that his principles and beliefs still remain intact

8)He was a football player growing up specifically Manning the goal post . His passion saw him rise to the chairmanship of KFF and it was during his reign that sponsorship in football leagues was first introduced. He also says he left 11million kshs in the KFF account and his accountability record speaks for himself.