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School Hides Mysterious Death Of 8 Year Old Girl From Parent For Two Days


Police in Kayole are investigating the death of an eight year old girl died while in school under mysterious circumstances.

Michel Jenifer’s mother Linda Acheing says that on Wednesday last week, she took her son who was in perfect health to New View Academy but she never came back.

Achieng says that the school kept her daughter’s death from and even went ahead and took her to the mortuary without informing her.

“I went to the school at 5pm to pick my daughter only to find the school closed. I was shocked because I had not seen my daughter. So I went back home and continued with a frantic search for my daughter,” narrates Achieng.

Achieng says that after days of searching for her daughter, she was then told that her daughter collapsed in school at around 1 PM and collapsed.

“I spoke to one of her classmates who told me that Michel collapsed when she was asked a question about math in class,” she stated.

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She was then rushed to Mama Lucy Hospital only to be asked to identify the body of her daughter.

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“When I went to Mama Lucy Hospital, a doctor approached me and started asking me questions. He asked me how my daughter was dressed and how her hair was braided. I then answered him only to be taken to the mortuary,” she stated.

According to the doctor, the young girl had arrived at the hospital dead.

The incident caused a section of area residents to protest outside the school demanding investigations.

The residents accused the school’s administration of withholding information from the mother for days despite knowing that the child had passed on.

Kayole DCIO John Oyoba state that investigations into the matter are ongoing.