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Elderly women in Mathare suffering silently


Elderly women in Nairobi’s Mathare slums are shying away from going to the hospital despite suffering in pain over fear of being put in isolation for coronavirus.

The women claim that they do not have enough money to bear the costs for isolating at home or even at the hospital.

Muthoni Chege Chairlady of the elderly women in  Mathare says that one of the women is currently suffering from an appendix problem and is in a lot of pain but has refused to go to the hospital.

“Like right now we have one who is sick and needs surgery. If you tell her to go to Kenyatta she will dismiss you. This woman is sick, her appendix is full, it is an emergency. When i enter her house she cries telling me that she is in pain,” said Chege.

Chege says that the woman was scheduled for a surgery at the Kenyatta National Hospital but has refused to go to KNH over coronavirus fear.

She is appealing to the government officers to visit Mathare and provide assistance to the elderly women.

“They are afraid and think that when they go to the hospital, they will be told that they have corona. We are appealing to the government to at least send doctors to their houses and have these elderly women checked,” said Chege.

Chege says that the monthly pesa ya wazee stipend is not enough to cater for the women’s health who are forced to share it with their jobless grandchildren.

“The government has tried and given them the pesa ya wazee, but then you see, they share it with their grandchildren who also need it,” said Chege.