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ELOG Raises Concerns Over Source Of Funding For Political Parties

The Elections Observation Group ELOG has raised concerns over the source of funding for parties during the party primaries.

ELOG’s Mulle Musau says that they are yet to get financial reports from political parties on the amount of money they used to conduct the party primaries.

Speaking during the release of a report, Musau stated that party primaries just like elections need a lot of funding and most political parties cannot afford to adequately fund them.

“Even for IEBC to conduct a national election, it requires over Ksh. 40 Billion. So you need to ask yourself when it comes to the political parties how much they used,” said Musau.

“We are still trying to get information on exactly how much UDA used because we think it was quite a substantial amount of money. For you to be able to have clerks, to be able to have strategic material, to be able to provide security and other logistics which are involved, you must have a very substantive amount of money. And we don’t think most political parties in Kenya can be able to afford this,” he said.


The report also revealed that most parties that did not conduct nominations, cited costs and conflicts as the reasons for the direct nominations.

Musau however says that the direct nominations affected the outcomes since some party members nominated their preferred candidate and not the people’s candidate.

“I think if the direct nomination would have been employed very positively we would not have certain utterances which were made by CS Matiang’i the other day that the opportunity for direct nominations accorded the parties an opportunity to vet the candidates who were going to come through,” he said.

“So when Matiang’I says that we have nearly 40 percent of people who were going to get a clear cut integrity issues in the August 9, basically it means that if that is the excuse parties were using to get us very good candidates, then they never passed.”

Political parties primaries were held between the 1st of April and 22nd of April. According to the report, the UDA Party is the only party that conducted widespread nominations.

The ELOG report also proposed a synchronization of the political parties register which has over 25 million voters and the IEBC register which has approximately 22 Million voters.

ELOG deployed over 100 observers across the country in the just concluded party primaries.