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Elsa Majimbo Blasted Over Violence In South Africa

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South Africa based Kenyan comedienne Elsa Majimbo has been blasted by a section of netizens over spate of violence that has rocked South Africa.

Majimbo who had relocated to South Africa over what she termed as an unfriendly environment in Kenya, was mocked by Kenyans On Twitter who seemed to have the last laugh following the bad press she has been giving about Kenya.

The sarcasm was so harsh that some insinuated that according to Elsa Majimbo it actually Kenya that was fighting.

“Has Elsa Majimbo the South African citizen addressed the nation about what’s going on in her country?” fired one user.

“Where is our sister Elsa Majimbo the South African citizen. Is South Africa safe from there? I believe there is no looting going on right now. I guess media is lying to us. Lemme tell you in Kenya we are fighting now #SouthAfricaIsBurning,” wrote another tweep.

Elsa Majimbo rose to fame during the coronavirus pandemic through her short comical skits with her signature dark glasses and crisp munching.

She had relocated to the South African nation citing not being loved and appreciated in her own country.

 “I have a bad relationship with Nairobi. People think it is just the internet but people have made it hard for me in Nairobi. It did feel like everyone in the city is against me. So most of the time I would stay in the house and mind my own business. Then I went to South Africa where I was supposed to stay for four and I’ve never looked back, “she said Elsa in one of her past interview.

At one time she also accused the National carrier ‘Kenya Airways’ of redirecting her luggage elsewhere.

Now with the violence and looting being witnessed in South Africa a section of netizens have come out taunting her on who is having the last laugh after forfeiting her patriotism and loyalty to her country of birth in favour of the now violence riddled nation.

#SouthAfricaShutDown,” shot another user.

“Elsa Majimbo said in terms of safety, South Africa is the best place to be. You’re always told decisions have consequences” wrote another user.

Despite the unfolding events, she remains a global Star with endorsements and partnerships from renowned companies such as Fenty and Mac.

Story By Steve Osaka


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