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  • Eltezzy has dropped a new gospel tune dubbed “Amenibless”.
  • It’s a depiction of his successful run after going through a dark period.
  • He’s a veteran Kenyan star who needs no introduction as far as Kenyan music is concerned.

Veteran singer Eltezzy has dropped a brand new gospel tune dubbed “Amenibless”.

The new song is a depiction of Eltezzy’s successful run after overcoming a myriad of challenges.

The song bears a groovy dancehall beat with Eltezzy effortlessly owning it with his clear cut vocals.

The chorus is simple, memorable and catchy creating the musicality.

“Ona vile God amenibless

Ooh amenibless

Amenipatia breath na unconditional love

Ooh amenibless

Ona naishi kama King mambo yangu legit

Walinifungia mlango nikapita na dirisha nguruma” goes the chorus.

In the first verse, Eltezzy narrates how he has come from far with the moment being his time to shine.

He further discloses how his new song is the talk of the town after getting a good reception.

“Nimefika town oya nipatie crown

Ma clown wameshine for a long time

Angalia list top trend KOX

Uliza hata Kairo Tezzy nisha order Lex

Airwaves zote tumetake over

Watiaji na mangati wote wametake cover

Life ilikuwa tight sa ni soft ka jelly

Skin texture imechange sa ni soft ka jelly

Daily niko kwa teli na mring back kwa celly

Vile medley joh ni deadly imeshika kila heady” goes the first verse.

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Songs Video

The song’s video is already out with proof that Eltezzy gave it a good shot.

Most of the scenes are outdoor as the singer also employed dancers to soup it up.

Truly, they don’t disappoint with their faces painted with happiness.

This is another song that proves that with Christ life is not as boring as a section believe.


Fondly referred to as Mr Riebebe, the burly singer has been there and done that.

He was the first Kenyan act to feature at the Channel O studio’s in South Africa in the early 2000s.

To date, Eltezzy has maintained a consistent run while also running his businesses on the sidelines.

He has an advertising agency, Gim Estates which also deals in real estate and property management.

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