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  • Eltezzy unveils Sauti Huru initiative.
  • ‘Sauti Huru’ offers a platform for the youth to speak out on matters affecting their lives.
  • Eltezzy is currently working on an album with both established and upcoming artists in pushing the agenda.

Eltezzy has unveiled ‘Sauti Huru’ initiative which seeks to offer the youth a platform to speak out on issues affecting their well-being like politics and governance.

This will be a safe haven for the youth to speak out freely and get solutions before they get disillusioned.

“At Sauti Huru we believe that if people speak out they are able to release the pressure inside hence avoid reaching breaking points” Asserted Bella, Sauti Huru Communications manager.

Eltezzy a.k.a Mr. Riebebee  PHOTO Courtesy


Public Participation

Eltezzy proceeded to say that they are also aiming to reach the younger generations through various forms of communication aimed at increasing their participation in matters of national interest such as politics.

The veteran musician added that youths feel neglected and rarely get information based on politics and human development.

He further noted that as the older generation, he’s leading from the front to ensure that issues affecting youths get solutions.

“Vijana huku nje wanafeel information na opportunities haziwafikii vile inafaa, pia hawako properly exposed to story za politics so hawaonangi hata importance ya ku vote so itabidi sisi the older generation tujaribu ku bridge hii gap, tuna open up avenue ya wasee kubonga na ku interact vi freely coz most of the issues tuna face solutions zina lie within us so ni muhimu tubonge” stated Eltezzy.

To bring this dream to fruition, Eltezzy has tapped both established and upcoming artists in creation of an album aimed at driving the agenda.

Eltezzy futher sent a rallying call for the youth to embrace politics since it directly affects their lives. He sought to have youths equip themselves with information laid out in the constitution in understanding how devolution works in conjunction with other forms devolved governments.

This aids in keeping our leaders accountable as far as development and good governance is concerned.

To learn more of this follow @eltezzymrriebebee or Sauti Huru through all social media platforms.


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