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Embrace farming to Curb Covid 19 Effects –Kenya Peasant  League Report   


Lack of food, protective gears and loss of jobs are the major challenges  faced by the society immediately Covid 19  hit the country.

This is according to Kenya Peasant League report in conjunction with Open Society.

Speaking to Ghetto Radios’ Changamka Show  Dorcus Wanjiru from the Kenya Peasant League says  food is still    major obstacle during this  Covid 19 period  and there is need to embrace best farming practices.

She says many could not pay rent, some foods also went unsold due to lack of ready markets and  at some point  farmers were forced  into barter trade.

She is now urging Kenyans  to make good use of farming a move she say will enhance food production in the country.

‘‘No one  live without food that’s  why it is important to embrace farming and not just that we must ensure we use good methods to enhance our production …during this Covid Period some could not sell their goods but after they expired they took such in their farms and became manure see at that point you don’t need to use artificial fertilizers in your production.’’ Wanjiru said.

In the report  many  engaged in making  home made soaps,PPEs  to fight Covid.

‘‘Basically we have been documenting the resilience strategies, challenges and the success stories of people during the Covid 19 pandemic. For instance some of the challenges people faced was loss of jobs and lack of PPE’S to fight the pandemic. The solutions people came up with to fight the pandemic was making of home made soaps, sanitizers and masks. Farmers on the other hand started embracing barter trade due to lack of transportation and enough market to sell their  products.

The report was released partially with the team still working on the phase two.