Emma Jalamo And Nicah The Queen End Drama Through New Song

Ohangla maestro Emma Jalamo and gospel musician Nicah The Queen have finally ended their online drama by dropping their collaborative piece dubbed ‘Harusi Yetu ‘

Taking to her Instagram, Nicah The Queen shared the news with her fans by posting the song’s teaser.

“Due to public demand HARUSI YETU BY @emmajalamo Ft @nicahthequeen WILL BE OUT IN THE NEXT 8MINUTES AT EXACTLY 11:45AM E.A.T#jesusgurl”wrote Nicah

Many joined the commentary section insinuating that they all knew from the onset that it was all ‘hot air’

“Watu sio wajinga buanaaaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣tulijua hiyo ni clout😂😂😂” fired one fan

“You could have done better without clout chasing and the way I respect you nkt,kizuri cha jiuza though” shot a second fan

“You all can release music without this shit, it’s sickening 😂” read another comment.

However, others commended Nicah for the milestone.

“Lakini huyu msichana anajua kuimba 🔥🔥🔥🙌” wrote one fan


🔥Wow this is a hit “wrote a second fan.

Weeklong Drama

Nicah and Emma Jalamo have treated their fans with a weeklong online drama.

The highly endowed Nicah, alleged that the Ohangla singer -Jalamo was wrecking her relationship with celebrated Kenyan disc jockey Slahver after parting ways with comedian Dr Ofweneke.

Jalamo is said to have tried to lure her not only with 200k but also a paid trip to Malaysia.

At one point, Nicah shared legal documents from an advocate in pursuit of Emma Jalamo’s erratic ways which was followed by a photo of the latter in handcuffs indicating that the police had finally caught up with him.

Wedding Storyline

Harusi yetu loosely translates to Our Wedding.Nicah and Jalamo act as the bride and groom in the wedding taking place at the coastline in a high end hotel.

The lovebirds make their way to the set riding on horses with the bride on a pearl white horse matching her crystal white wedding gown.

The chorus is done in Swahili while most of Jalamo lines are delivered in dholuo,Nicah sings in Swahili while also belting out a few words in dholuo.

The video director killed monotony in the video by having additional scenes on a motorboat and the lovebirds enjoying a beach bonfire.

It’s a nine minute song on a smooth rhumba Ohangla fusion.

Is it a must for artist’s to engage in clout chasing while releasing a new song?share your thoughts.

By Steve Osaka

January 30, 2023

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