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Emotional farewell as Linus Kaikai Leaves NTV

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Nation Media Group journalists have expressed heartbreaks and disappointments following General Manager Linus Kaikai’s exit from the company on Wednesday.

The journalists sent their emotional and heartfelt goodbyes to Kaikai whom they described as a champion for media freedom and an editor with the backbone and spine.

Fro Simriti Vidyarthi to Larry Madowo, the Nation Media Group employees gave emotional goodbyes to their boss Linus Kaikai.

Other journalists from other media houses like KTN’s Linda Ogutu and John Allan Namu were not left behins in giving their gratitude to Kaikai for shaping their careers.

Kaikai’s exit for Nation comes after he clashed with his boss Tom Mshindi over the live coverage of the Raila swearing in that eventually led to a seven day shut down of NTV, KTN and Citizen TV by the government.

Here are some of the farewell messages;

“Larry Madowo “I owe my whole broadcast career to ; the best boss a journalist can ever ask for. I’m gutted to see him leave today. It’s the end of an era here. It will never be the same again. Goodbye and good luck!

Ken Mijungu “It’s been real boss. will miss your guidance and great attitude.

John Allan Namu “COURAGE . In words that the legend Joe Kadhi often liked to repeat ” Publish and be damned “.

James Smart “Many moons ago signed me from RADIO and put me on PRIME TIME TELEVISION , so visionary and ambitious he allowed my crazy idea of on Kenyan television. A great leader, thinker, and mentor, Kenya hasn’t seen YOU yet. Best of luck.

“To be an editor, you must have spine…you must have a backbone in your body” – . You sir, have shown that. Thank you for the stand you have for Journalism. This is not the last we are seeing of you. Ni kwaheri ya kuonana….Ole sere.

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