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Employ More Doctors to Fight Covid 19 KMPDU Tell Kisumu Governor

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Doctors Union KMPDU Nyanza Branch Chairperson Kevin Osuri has called on the County Government of Kisumu to employ enough medical staff to help in the fight against the surge in Covid-19 cases.

In a press briefing on the COVID-19 situation in Kisumu, Dr. Osuri confirmed that hospitals in Kisumu County are currently stretched beyond capacity.

According to Osuri, hospital staff are stressed, Isolation Rooms are full and medication for Covid-19 patients are running out.

“There is a surge in Covid-19 cases in Kisumu County, appropriate action is required before it is late, let the county employ enough staff members. We want more nurses, doctors, more laboratory technicians and drugs. We only have ten doctors in Isolation units. This is because the workforce is stretched mentally, physically and psychologically,” says Dr. Osuri.

Dr. Osuri has also stated that the mental health of health workers in Kisumu is currently wanting.

He however appreciated the County Government of Kisumu for its continued support by providing the essentials required in the war against covid-19.

On the other side, he appealed to the public to adhere to the Ministry of Health Guidelines to help in reducing the spread of Covid -19.

“Let me not fail to mention this, our isolation wards are full and medication for Covid-19 patients are running out. Kindly my appeal to the general public is to observe the ministry of Health guidelines,” he appeals.

Kisumu county has approximately ten doctors in Isolation units as most of them have contracted Covid-19.

Dr. Osuri has appealed to the county governments to provide the medics with medical covers.


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