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End Of “Entrepreneurship”??- Could This Be Vera Sidika’s Boyfriend?(Pic)


verTimes are changing and so are our very own city girls and their trendsetters. Call them socialites- that’s the term we relate with them after all. So when every female campus lady is trying to emulate the likes of Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe,these social media influencers are turning on a new leaf.


Just the other day socialite cum businesswoman, Huddah Muthoni Njoroge teased photos of her “boyfriend” before revealing his face on the long run. It seemingly looks like Huddah has dropped her alleged behaviours of dishing her goodies to wealthy old in return for that good life we all envy.

As it is with her norm to copy paste, mother of all socialites, one Vera Sidika has also revealed the face of the her man and put to rest indecent rumors on her relationship status.

However, there is an alluding controversy regarding Vera’s dark skinned lover. Could he be the one??

Lets go back on the 29th September 2016, a day when Emirates airline decided to throw the bootyful socialite a surprise birthday eve party on a private jet… will agree with me that Vera teased a photo of a faceless white or not Arab guy whose wrist watch and T shirt were the only things we were allowed to see. He called him “bae”….exciting on the reunion.

A day later, (birth day) Vera posts a photo of a dark-skinned,well built but not sooo good looking guy and post no caption.

As usual,the internet jumps into conclusions that that’s the guy!!!! Other even complimenting of a dark berry with the sweetest juice!!!!

Shaking my head still….could he be the man really????

Check out;

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