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Entertainment Weekly Roundup: Akothee narrates how she lost everything; Shakilla goes naked on Insta Live


This week Akothee topped charts after revealing how she lost everything. Khaligraph Jones also sent out special message to wannabe socialites.

  1. Akothee

Controversial singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee earlier this week to social media with a heartwarming message

In her post shared on Instagram, Akothee revealed that the year 2006 was the worst year for her.

She narrated how her life crumbled on 10th of June 2006 after she lost her matrimonial home.

Akothee narrated how her life should be a testimony enough to inspire someone because she had to rebuild herself without even an education.

DONT LOOSE HOPE.IN 2006 June 10th ,I WOKE UP & LOST EVERYTHING  I lost my marriage,I lost my family ,lost my happiness ,lost my matrimonial home,lost my cloths ,I had to start from the scratch,with no education, papers, degree nor defined profession .but Here I am today ,built myself a hotel now I am killing it in a bikini and detoxing with @orchidvalley_ke the container which was useless ,became useful for someone else, picked it up ,made a lamp out of the container ,and the whole room was light.” She said

  1. Khaligraph Jones

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has sent out a special message to socialite Shakilla and other wannabe socialites.

In a video clip doing rounds, Papa Jones advised ladies not to desist from selling their dignity online for cheap fame.

Khaligraph said a lot of young ladies are competing to be the next Vera Sidika or Huddah but end up selling themselves to sponsors.

Khaligraph also hinted that he had tried to speak to one such lady but ended up being ignored because the lady felt he has nothing to offer.

“… shore trying to be the next Vera, or the next Huddah na juu ya Pressure anajipea kwa Mabudah, she wants the fast life so hapotezi muda,

Hataki beshte zake wamconside kama loser, hataki story za Chuo. At 19 ashapoteza ID twice.

I tried talk to her, think it will be nice akanitoka juu singemletea IG likes, anataka High heels kama za Amber Rose, so akakuja kutafuat buda anaweza mumanga doo. Girl you better listen, I know what you undergo, and to these niggas you are just another hoe. They don’t care about the clothes ushawahi purchase, they don’t see the manicure and the eyelashes, all they think about is how they gonna hijack it, tap it alafu wakutoke. Ndio usiwahi mpata.” He said

Khaligraph also advised ladies to stop basing their lifestyles on what they see on the gram.

“Instagram isifanye ujivunje mguu, coz all what this people love here is not true. Girls listen all these niggas are lying to you out here” he added

  1. Edgar Obar

Controversial blogger Edgar Obare went missing on Monday after he was allegedly kidnapped outside the Kiambu Law courts.

The blogger had gone to court fo the mentioning of his case involving Natalie Tewa.

On Tuesday, Edgar took to social media to reveal that he is alive at the same time narrated his kidnapping ordeal.

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Obare said that he was driven around by gun wielding men while blind folded and hand cuffed.

The blogger narrated how the men kept asking him questions about his sources and if he had been paid to tarnish reputations.

“I had a court a case on November 2nd .It was meant to be virtual but it was changed last minute. I arrived at 10:00 am and saw my lawyer outside eating smokies as I was going to say hi to him, three plainly dressed men approached me and asked for my name. The quickly whisked me by my pant to a waiting car. I demanded to know who they were and where they were taking me and refusing to answer they only said to a nearby police station. In the car, they put handcuffs on me and they were getting tight, I asked the guy on my left to loosen them and he refused. He asked that I unlock my phone and that I should co-operate but I refused.” He said

Obare further added that the kidnappers put a hood on his face but he was able to see a bit. He added that at one point the kidnappers stopped at some school and changed cars.

He narrated how he was driven for a while before the guys gave him some water which had been asking for but it tasted funny.

He was then stripped naked and the guys took photos of his manhood before throwing him in a thorny thicket.

Obare said he struggled to cut the rope from his hand and find a way to the nearby road where a good Samaritan took him to his house, gave him clothes and some food before helping him find his way back to Nairobi.

  1. Shakilla goes naked!

Socialite Shakilla also topped the headlines after exposing her bare bum bums on Instagram.

The socialite joined American rapper Tory Lanez’s Insta live as they had a brief chat before she went on to twerk on the live.

While twerking her short dress kept rolling up and at first she struggled to pull it down before eventually giving it up and exposing bare butt.

The move sparked a wild reaction from Tory and his team who went on to cheer her on.

The video has since gone viral sparking wild reaction from Kenyans.

  1. Juliani sues Jubilee Party

Rapper Juliani also threatened to take The Jubilee party to court over the illegal use of his song ‘Utawala’ to promote the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

In a demand letter shared on Instagram, Juliani said the use of the song to promote BBI insinuates that he supports the move yet he is non partisan.

He went on to add that the move may affect his image and earnings in the future.

“Following the unauthorized use of our client’s song in your promotional material, an impression has been created that our client is partisan and that he endorses your political views, which is not the case because he is non-partisan and he does his work for entertainment only. This will therefore have a negative impact on his image and earnings in future,” the letter read in part

Through his lawyer N. Katee David of James T Makori Advocates, Juliani asked the party to desist from using the song.

He also urged them to accept liability in writing in the next 72 hours failure to which he will follow through with a legal suit.

“We also demand on behalf of our client that you admit liability for infringement of intellectual property rights in writing within the next 72 hours so that we can further engage you on quantum. Should you choose to ignore this letter, we have unequivocal instructions from our client to institute mandatory legal proceedings against your party for damages both general and specific in a court of law,” he added