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Epileptic Boy Dies In Police Cells, Police Dump Body At Bee Center


A section of residents in Kayole area on Tuesday morning held demonstrations to protest against the death of a young man who died in a police cell in Mihang’o, Kayole and his body dumped at Bee Center.

The protesters claim that the boy was picked by police during a patrol and taken to the Mihang’o police post with several others.

Those who spoke to Ghetto Radio say that the boy then got an epileptic attack in the cell and did not get help.

“The boy tried to explain to the officers that he was epileptic, but they did not believe her. They only panicked after the boy started convulsing in the cell,” they stated.

The protesters say that by the time the police were calling for an ambulance, the boy had already died.

According to them, the officers then carried the body and dumped it at Bee Center.

Police have however denied the claims saying that the protesters are just a bunch of people trying to defend the criminal activities of the criminals in the area.