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Eric Omondi Addresses “Cheating” Rumors But Kenyans Are Too Intelligent To Believe His Fake Defense. (Video).


er1Eric Omondi has been a subject of interest since last Sunday when a video of his Italian girlfriend confronting him over cheating allegations went viral. The video, as reported before seems so real to be staged managed but Eric Omondi wants us to believe otherwise.

True, our Intelligence has been abused by this prince of comedy as he insisted that the video was not real but sponsored by “Ocharge” an App that allows you to buy airtime across network then redeem it with booze, food or fashion items.

In the video, Eric’s fiancee repeatedly complains of why Eric had been sending Airtime to another lady.  In his defense he becomes rude and that’s when she pours a drink on him before walking out. Eric now wants us to believe it is the “Ocharge ” App that he had used  to send airtime to a certain number before Chantel finds out.

But hold on there Erico….Sisi Wakenya hatupendagi Ujinga. Remember what you told Mpasho when they called Chanty’s phone????? Didn’t you call back and confessed that the video was actual, just that it had been recorded a while back (February) when you and Chanty had a feud over you send your female “cousin” airtime????

The fight happened nine months ago. It was a misunderstanding that we had a very ling time ago and I wonder why he person who had the video waited till now to release it given the fact that it happened in February 2016.”

Is it not so???

Then why are you contradicting us with “Ocharge”??? Sema , the “Ocharge” deal came up when you had issues explaining the video so you used the opportunity as a perfect blessing in disguise???

Well, or is it “Ocharge”  that saw an opportunity in your mess??? Be keen on Chanty’s reaction when he says he will send airtime to a number of people. She firmly warns him live on the “Ocharge” video recording not to send airtime to women except HERSELF!!!!!! She also looks like she is faking being there, just for the paper…..who knows.

Check out the video, it looks so lame and fake. There is relation between Ocharge and cheating. Nothing!!!