•Demonstration over high cost of living

•Police Arrest Dozens Of Demonstrators

•Has A Record For Past Arrest At Parliament building’s

Comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has been arrested at Parliament building’s as he led demonstrations over the high cost of living coupled with soaring food prices.

Indeed  the country has been facing a hard time with prolonged drought that have led to a devastating impact not only on wildlife but also on mankind.

The celebrated comedian had marshalled up dozens of protesters,bare chested and chanting some sentiments.

They had placards inscribed ‘Unga juu,Mafuta juu’ and proceeded to Parliament building’s to have a nod with members of Parliament.

“Mtoke nje mtuongeleshe ama tukuje ndani”Eric Omondi was heard saying partly.


Drama ensued as law enforcers swung into action lobbying teargas canisters at them.

It turned to running battles as several demonstrators scampered for safety avoiding arrest.

The aftermath saw the mastermind of the demos, Eric Omondi arrested and bundled into a police Land Rover together with dozens of protesters.

Has A Past Arrest Record At Parliament Building’s

This is not the first time the comedian has been arrested at Parliament building’s.

In November 2021, Eric Omondi was arrested at Parliament building’s after picketing towards the ‘play 75% local content ‘ on all local media stations.

He had led the demos citing an influx of foreign music and film at the expense of local talents.

Just recently, Eric Omondi lashed out at gospel artists for not walking the talk. It saw city televangelist Pastor Nganga support him.

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By Steve Osaka

February 21, 2023

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