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Eric Omondi Attacked Over Ksh. 72 Million House


Self-proclaimed president of comedy Eric Omondi has been attacked by fans after he allegedly lied that he bought a new house worth Ksh. 72 Million.

According to a Social Media user, the house the comedian posted is a functioning Airbnb called Clemsa House and is located in Karen.

“Lol I know this house, it’s airbnb lol, it’s called clement home, ati new home,” wrote a fan.

Another fan went,”Lies hii ni Airbnb inaitwa Clemsa house iko Karen. I’ve been here for almost a week.”

A quick look at the Airbnb app shows that the house posted by Eric is indeed on the request list of houses to book for a staycation.

The comedian really needed to explain himself which he did because he said that the house is as a result of his 14 years of hard work.


The comedian defended himself by saying that he decided to rent the house for a period of time before he officially moves in.

“Thank you guys for this🙏…Yes the house is a multi-bedroom house and Yes it can be used as AirBnB for now, and Yes I bought it and own it. I can’t rent it out but I can lease it out. I am rarely around anyway. 75,000 Ksh per day but this offer only stands until the 19th October when I officially move in,” Eric wrote.

The comedian yesterday took some online presenters to a tour to his new apartment before he revealed it to the public.

While showing off his new house, he also announced the official date that he is going to move in to his new residence.

Although some people attacked him, other people including fellow comedians congratulated him for getting the new house.