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  • Omondi claimed that he had a hand in building the Mungai Eve’s brand and his opinion on this matter deserves to be heard.
  • He said he would be inviting the two for lunch once Eve returns from her solo trip to Zanzibar to reconcile them and restore their brand.

Comedian Eric Omondi has blamed Kenyans and close friends for the breakup of Youtube sensational couple Director Trevor and Eve Mungai.

Kenyans to Blame

In an interview with Trudy, Omondi faulted Kenyans and the close friends for interfering with the couple’s relationship.

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“That was people interfering with other peoples’ lives. I feel like Kenyans and friends have made this happen. People have played a bigger part, Kenyans and close friends and is not that they listened to people but overtime, “He said.

Omondi went on to urge Trevor to reach out to him for support during this challenging time, and he extended a similar invitation to Mungai upon her return from her vacation.


“Call me and we will meet the three of us. Kenyans have made you trend, take that sit down, use it and push your channel, he added.

Director Trevor, who recently announced the breakup on social media, made it clear that Mungai’s involvement in their joint social media platforms has ceased.

“No! Her services are no longer needed in the following platforms: YouTube – 754K subscribers, Insta Fame – 104K subscribers, Facebook – 874K followers,” He said.

Consequently, Trevor has rebranded their YouTube channel under the name “Kenya Online Media.”

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February 21, 2024

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