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  • The victims allege they have never been able to meet Omondi in person as he is unreachable.
  • Graduates who travelled from far away the country to Nairobi are stranded and disappointed.

A number of unemployed graduates have come out to narrate how they were allegedly conned by comedian Eric Omondi that they would be given jobs.

According to an expose’ by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, a victim recounted the harrowing experience of being conned by Omondi, who had promised job opportunities that never materialized.

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He disclosed that they have never been able to meet Omondi in person, despite his promises.

The victim, whose account was shared with Nyakundi, revealed that Omondi had gathered graduates from across Nairobi under the pretense of offering them employment.

He claimed that Omondi misled the public by stating that 3,500 people attended the event at Blue Springs Hotel in Nairobi, while in reality, the number was barely 1,500.

The victim said Omondi even went to Ramogi TV claiming to have secured the job offers for the unemployed youth who even travelled all the way from Homabay to Nairobi.

He revealed that they have tried to contact Omondi to no avail as he is unreachable.

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Omondi Job initiative Explain

Last month, Omondi launched an initiative dubbed Kenya Employment association in a move to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

Speaking in a video shared on his Instagram page, the comedian said almost half of the Kenyan population is jobless hence the need to help them.

“Nearly half of the Kenyan population is unemployed. Most men are unable to provide for their children and wives. Putting food on the table has become an issue in this country and it is because of the high levels of unemployment,” he said.

“We are going to provide employment by connecting employers to employees. If you are out there and you are not employed, please send your number and name to this number, we are going to put all our energy and creativity to connect the employers to employees because that is the only way we are going to save this nation.,”

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