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Eric Omondi Displays 3 Million To Ezekiel Mutua – VIDEO

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Comedian Eric Omondi has displayed 3 Million Tanzanian Shillings to Ezekiel Mutua after he called creatives poor.

The display according to Eric Omondi is to prove to Mutua that comedy actually pays.

Taking to Instagram  Eric had a stern message directed at Mutua in a short video, “Ezekiel Mutua, Ezekiel Mutua, This is what 3 million shillings looks like, nimeskia umesema wasanii ni maskini, nimeskia umesema talanta hailipi, nimeskia umesema wasanii ni wa omba omba, ni beggars, This is genuine sweat and blood, God given talent yeah! You will not discourage our brothers and sisters, talent pays in this day and age, that is one show Ezekiel, this is one show that am doing in Tanzania, one show talent pays and you have to encourage young people to discover and nurture their talents. Shindwe kabisaa shindwe!!.

The comments section was awash with hillarious punches with many taking a swipe at the low currency when compared to Kenya’s strong shilling.

“Hii niya TZ ukiconvert ya Kenya ?? itakuwa soo mbili?,” read one comment.

“Hizo ni za Tanzania hazina bei ??,” wrote another user.

“Hizi si 310 hapa kwetu Kenya?” posed another user.

However, others praised the comedian for his hardwork leading to the lumpsum earning. “3 million Kenyan shillings, Omondi Omondi Omondi… nimekuita mara ngapi ??? peleka hiyo kwa Bank ?Mutua hata tushamsahau?,” wrote one user.

“Talent pays ??” wrote another user.

Eric Omondi is a protoge of Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ who is regarded as the godfather of comedy.

Eric has grown tremendously in his craft, in 2019 he won the prestigious Best African Comedian Award (AEAUSA) in New Jersey.

He floored Nigeria’s Basket Mouth, Ugandan funnyman Salvado and his Kenyan compatriot Chipukeezy.


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