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Eric Omondi Explains His ‘Blasphemy’ To Christ


eric-refixDo you remember Eric Omondi on the cross? Now we know why the king of parody thought blaspheming Christ was a funny idea. He has just released a video of his latest parody on the hit song ‘kuliko jana’ by the award winning boys band Sauti Sol.

The comedian who was under fire after a leaked picture of him on the cross is yet to be let off the hook as Kenyans and Tanzanians trolled him on the web for what they termed disrespect to the Christian faith.

A gospel artist from Tanzania by the name Prince Baraka attacked him visciously via his socila media account  saying

“Ukiona unakosa cha kuchekesha watu bora utafute kazi nyingine ya kufanya kuliko alichofanya huyu sijui ndio anaitwa nan…kawakosea sana watu wote wenye imani ya kikristo…tafuta kazi nyingine… maana vichekesho nahisi umefikia mwisho…huyu jamaaa kafanya asubuhi yangu kuwa mbaya sana..shukuru wakristo ni wapole..ukifanya kitu ichi kwa Muslim..ungefanywa mfano..”

Omondi’s version is an Akorino refix and the video has a choir full of Akorino’s singing along to the song. While Eric defended his intention and explained that controversial part where he is seen on the cross, his baptism by fire is not letting up. He said

This is the story of the thief on the right side of Christ. It’s never too late to acknowledge God in your life…He gave his life to Christ minutes before he let go… This December I look back and Thank Him for the year that has been. Tomorrow will be brighter.”

Will Kenyans forgive the one GB comedian who in a bid to entertain them went overboard and stepped on their religious toes?

Mukami Kanyi