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Eric Omondi Eying A Political Seat


Popular Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi is hinting at running for a political office in the coming general elections in 2022 if his recent revelation is anything to go by.

The celebrated funnyman took to Instagram where he shared a video of himself seated at the infamous Dandora dumpsite indicating that the time was ripe for real change through young minds.

“Hi my name is Eric Omondi am a Kenyan i was born in the year 1983,I’ll be turning forty in two years time, all my life I’ve known the same leaders, I have voted four times, I have recycled the same leaders and because of these we have recycled our hope, we have recycled our dreams, we have recycled our ambitions and we have recycled our lives. This September enough is enough it’s time to clean up “Said Eric in his statement.

 He went ahead declaring September 1st as the D-day for the big announcement while making an appeal to the youth to rise up and be the change by voting out the old guards in the coming elections.


No Known Seat Eyed

Though his statement heavily portrayed a disillusioned young man eager to run for a political office, it failed to indicate which seat  or which constituency, he has set his eyes on. Maybe he will be going for the presidency or has his preferred candidate he will be backing. Who knows? That’s just a story for another day.


Ignites Mixed Reactions

With the news out, fans showed their immense support and heeded to his call.

“Bruh I’ve waited for this particular talk from you in a while.. They’ve really wasted us for years #FagiaWoteIn2022” Shot one user, “Fagia ??” shared another user.

However, not all were in support of his word as others shared their resentments. “We’ve elected the youth for long and we haven’t seen any changes,” read one comment.

Another fan picked tab with the comedian reminding him that he had also become not funny after being overused.

“We have also recycled you till we find you not funny! Should we get away with you too?? Shot the fan.

The comedian replied that it was a double edged sword having him not being spared either.” Yes get new Comedians bro.. No more recycling. We are fixing the nation,” he replied.

Should he be on the ballot, would you vote for Eric, Share your thoughts.


By Steve Osaka.