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  • Krg maintains that Eric Omondi has never used his money to help anyone.
  • He has affirmed that Eric is not capable of getting to his level even if he was to sleep for 50 years.
  • He further refuted claims of being in the ”wash wash” business.

Controversial singer,  Stephen Karuga Kimani popularly known as Krg The Don has called out Comedian Eric Omondi for not using his money in helping the needy.

According to the Mambo Imechemka singer, Eric was simply depending on other people’s contributions to aid the needy.

‘’Eric hasaidii mtu, anatumia sisi kusaidia watu…Ni watu wanasaidia watu sio Eric’’ He stated partly

This comes after a recent statement by Eric aimed at Krg stating that the singer was flaunting money yet he’s unable to assist the less fortunate.

Krg further asserted that he’s been helping many people even though he doesn’t illuminate them on most occasions, He also mentioned Eric Omondi as having benefited from his benevolence after his numerous arrest’s by law enforcers.

‘’Mimi nimesaidia watu wengi ata yeye akiwemo mmoja ya wale nimesaidia si nimewahi kumtoa cell mara kadhaa’’ He said partly

Still, Krg noted that despite being moneyed he cannot respond to all cases.

Known for his braggadocio, Krg affirmed that Eric Omondi couldn’t get to his level even if he could sleep for a period of 50 years, He added that the only area Eric beats him was in age and shenanigans.

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Refutes ”Wash Wash” Allegations

Krg also refuted claims of money laundering insisting that he’s a shrewd businessman with tentacles spread far and wide. Again, he was not afraid of speculation.The other day, he revealed landing an ambassadorial duty with a leading betting firm.

In the meantime, Krg has a new song dubbed Una Shida Gani, a collaborative effort with Tanzania’s Darasa dropped nearly a week ago, the song’s video is still in the pipeline and is scheduled to premiere anytime soon.

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