Eric Omondi Heads To Uganda In Gunny Attire

In summary

  • Eric Omondi tours Uganda in gunny attire.
  • The comedian appeared driving a modified motorized buggy resembling a shoe.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy in Africa, Eric Omondi has once again left tongues wagging with his gunny attire as he set off for a tour in neighboring Uganda.

The funnyman further topped up his theatrics as he appeared driving a modified motorized buggy resembling a shoe.

“UGANDAAA🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬 AM ON my way to the AIRPORT. See you tonight!!!” He posted.

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Fans Reactions

Eric Omondi poses with the Shoe Car in Uganda – PHOTO Courtesy

Eric’s latest outplay didn’t come as a surprise as the comedian has in the past scored fasts with mind blowing costumes.

Still, many of his fans opined that he was putting in work to match his presidential status.

We sampled a few of them below.

“Kumbe pia wazimu iko na degrees…huyu ako na PhD🤣🤣🤣” fired one fan.

“No one can fit your shoes” shot a second fan.

“Sasa watu watasema wewe ni ngunia sana” flew another comment.

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With such gimmicks, Eric is proving to be not only a comical powerhouse but a shrewd marketer.

With the ever-changing dynamics in entertainment coupled with a shift to the digital world, Eric seems to have mastered the art of driving online traffic.

These in turn lead to packed venues with high ticket sales hence more money.

Do you agree that Eric’s theatrics gives him an edge over other creatives? Leave a comment.

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