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Eric Omondi left in awkward position after receiving marriage proposal from man (Video)

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Comedian Eric Omondi found himself in an awkward position after receiving a marriage proposal from a man.

The comedian had put up a post on Instagram asking ladies to share short clips on why he should marry them.

The comedian said he has achieved almost everything he wants in life and feels it’s about time he settled down.

“LONG POST???…God has been good I am blessed with good health,

a successful career, some money??…I can confidently say I have everything I ever dreamt of. The President of Comedy Africa and Now my dream Studio. But all these could be nothing without someone to share the moments with. Hata Adam alikua na Eve…Genesis 2:18..And God said, “IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE, I WILL MAKE ASUITABLE HELPER FOR HIM”. As a comedian it has been very hard for people to take me seriously when I need them to. This is one of those times I need KENYA MY COUNTRY, MY PEOPLE to take me seriously. I hereby PROMISE that whoever Kenyans will choose for I will do an official wedding and Marry them and Have kids with them and hopefully live happily forever. IF YOU ARE A LADY AND YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN MAKE A PERFECT WIFE FOR ME, PLEASE SEND A SHORT WHATSAPP VIDEO TO 0782172766 explaining why you think you would be best to be the LOVE OF MY LIFE. or Post the Clip and Tag me. I will post all the videos and Kenyans will help me choose a WIFE in the old African way.” He wrote

Ladies immediately started sharing their short clips but one clip in particular caught the comedian by surprise.

A man identified as Benson Mwangi shared a clip saying how he has been after the comedian for some time and decided to shoot his shot.

Mwangi even went ahead to say how he can be the best wife for Eric Omondi.

“I have been trying to get Eric’s attention for a long time, he’s a nice guy and I just came here to tell Eric I can be the best wife for him,” Mwangi said

The video tickled the comedian’s fans with many poking him to ‘give’ the man a chance.



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