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Eric Omondi locks himself inside ‘glass box’ outside parliament


When you talk of clout chasing then Comedian Eric Omondi takes the crown after his latest drama outside the parliament.

The comedian camped outside parliament building in a modified ‘house’ which he claims will be his place of residence till the bill is passed.

He also joked that he will not eat anything and is ready to die of hunger as long as he pushes the bill.

“I have just checked into PARLIAMENT buildings and I will stay here as long as it takes to pass the PLAY 75% KENYAN. I am officially declaring a HUNGER STRIKE, if I have to stay here for two MONTHS SO BE IT. I f I die here of HUNGER so be it!!!!” Wrote Eric Omondi.


He also said that international artists who played in December were paid millions while Kenyan artists were paid thousands of shillings.

“We have over 92% of international content being played on our local channel and less than 10% of Kenyan music is being played. In December only we had more than 21 international artists performing in major concerts where they were being paid millions while Kenyans were being played less than 80,000 and the reason is because we do not have enough of airplay,” Eric Omondi said.

Eric was supported by some members of parliament including Dagoretti South Mp Dennis Kiarie, Lari Mp John Mburi and nominated MP David Ole sankok who promised to start the statement on the bill today.

“The conversation will start today in parliament. I will start the conversation today, we are resuming our parliamentary seating today and I have a question and on top of that question I will start the conversation of play 75% of Kenyan’s music in all our local TV,” said nominated Mp David Ole sankok.

The act has attracted people from all over watching on how Eric will be treated because he was once arrested at the parliament’s gate.