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  • Eric Omondi out to rescue Miracle Baby.
  • Miracle Baby has spent 60 days in hospital after undergoing a third surgery with the bill rising to 1.4 Million.
  • The gengetone rapper turned Mugithi singer has vowed to be a preacher once he leaves hospital.

Comedian Eric Omondi is out to rescue Gengetone rapper turned Mugithi singer, Peter ‘Miracle Baby’ whose hospital bill has risen to 1.4 Million. Through his brainchild “Sisi Kwa Sisi” initiative, Eric has appealed to well-wishers to help raise the amount and end Miracle Baby’s hospital detention.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the funnyman is captured with Miracle Baby, his wife, Carol Katrue at the hospital sending word out to all and sundry in a bid to pool funds.

According to Eric, Miracle Baby has gone through a harrowing experience spending 60 days in hospital after his third intestinal operation and it was now time to bail him out.

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He further added that the doctors had given him a green light to go home with the rest of medication to follow.

“Manze boy wetu amekaa hosi 60 days na inafaa aende home amegothrough alot alihave three operation za intestines zimetolewa nje zimetreatiwa na sasa he’s ready to go home… he needs 1.4 Million but usijali wee tuma kitu utatuma ata kama ni fiu ama ni one bob” appealed Eric partly.

Miracle Baby in hospital PHOTO Courtesy


Vows To Preach The Gospel

Recently, Miracle Baby vowed to become a pastor and spread the gospel once he’s discharged from hospital.

The former Sailors group member seems to have clung to God while fighting for his dear life. In one of the photos, he’s captured asleep clutching on to the Holy Book with tubes emanating from his abdomen.

Despite Miracle Baby appealing for financial aid, his past deeds seemed to haunt him when he was called out together with his wife for flaunting a huge bill after a night out.

With all said and done, we hope Miracle Baby will finally be discharged from the hospital. Prayers and donations can be channeled through 0794 790 255(Carol Muthoni Mbuthia).

February 23, 2024

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