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Eric Omondi Reacts After Ezekiel Mutua Is Fired


Comedian Eric Omondi has expressed his excitement after the Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua has been sacked from the office.

Reacting to the statement, the comedian stated that Dr. Ezekiel Mutua had failed to apologize to Kenyan artists and that has led to his removal.

The comedian also said that there was no way the former CEO would have survived in the office yet he did not respect the people who kept them there.

“I SAID BEFORE SEPTEMBER!!! and you thought it was a joke. You cannot bite the hand that feeds you. We are your EMPLOYERS. I told you your only Option was to Apologise to the Entertainment Industry for your unfortunate remarks. But I guess it’s too late,” said Eric Omondi.

The beef between comedian Eric Omondi and the former CEO started way before after the CEO banned his wife material show claiming it went against the film laws.

Eric Omondi was also mad at the CEO for calling him and other Kenyan artists poor claiming that the entertainment industry does not pay.

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The statement made Eric Omondi furious and further threatening to gang up with other artists and remove Mutua from hus seat.

He however said that he stopped the process because his mother talked to him and asked him to leave the CEO alone.

Aspiring MP Alinur has also joined the number of artists who are happy that the CEO has been removed from his position.

The former CEO has been replaced by Christopher Wambua who has been appointed by the government as the acting CEO of the board.

The EACC has also released a report that they are going to investigate Ezekiel Mutua for alleged irregular payments of salaries and allowances to Mutua’s bank accounts.

Do you think Eric Omondi is right to be happy for Ezekiel’s downfall?