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Eric Omondi reveals how he got Sh. 6 Million at once

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Comedian Eric Omondi has revealed the highest cheque and pay that he has ever received ever since he started his comedy path.

During an interview with Plug TV, the comedian revealed that the highest pay he has ever received is Ksh 6 million and it was paid through a cheque and it was once.

 “In my entire career my highest cheque was OLX, kulikuwa na watu walikuwa wanaitwa OLX, cheki moja hivi YENYE NILIPEWA HIVI NILIPEWA NA Airtel kitambo walikuwa wanafanya kitu inaitwa kuhama ilikuwa campaign kubwa sana. A single cheque ilikuwa 6 million ile pesa nishawahi pewa hivi pap, ndio hii hapa,”said Eric.

He also said that his highest contract was that of OLX which he did for 3 years and he was paid Sh. 33 Million.


The comedian said that the OLX advert was done in four TV stations and the ads could run at the same time.

“Ile contract kubwa nishawahi kuwa nayo ni yaOLX ilikuwa contract ya 3 years ilikuwa imekuja 33 million, walikuwa wanarun adverts katika Citizen, NTV, KTN, K24 at the same time every day for 3 months. Wakafanya billboards, print wakafanya 360 na mimi nikawa nafanya clip every day for 3 months,” he added.

When asked whether Diamond Platinumz  Rolls Royce car is new or not he said that it doesn’t matter whether the car is new or not.

Comedian Eric Omondi says the OLX gig gave him Sh. 33 Million PHOTO/ ERIC OMONDI IG

“Wacha niwaambie kitu moja about Rolls Royce, it doesn’t matter kama ni mpya ni mzee ni Rolls Royce hakunanga fake. Wanasema ni mzee si mpya ati imeparara.  niwaambia waafrica kitu moja, Rolls Royce iwe ni mpya ama ni mzee inabaki kuwa Rolls Royce. Tanzania kwote hakuna mtu akona Rolls Royce, swali niliuliza ndio Rolls Royce ndio nikasema hakuna siasa,” He said.

The comedian said that he won’t condemn people who are buying views as long as they are not hurting anyone in the process.

Story By Emmaline Owuor


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