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Eric Omondi speaks on his late brother’s last moments


By Annette Amondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has spoken out about his late brother’s last moments.

Joseph Omondi died of drug addiction complications about three months ago moments after he was reunited with his brother.

While on an interview Eric narrated how his brother’s friends convinced him to buy him crack so he would become active and how his brother was happy to see him.

“I was told that he needs crack to come back, so they were asking for money to go buy that staff. First I refused but his friends instead that he needs it to come back to normal. So we gave him and in less than a minute he was active. We talked. I remember when he was active he was like “Eric you are here” we talked and agreed to take him to hospital then next day because it was late in the night. I think that was our last conversation.  He was addicted for 19 years since 1999 until his death. He quit school to come to Nairobi to join our cousin who was in Nairobi where he was introduced to cocaine by our cousin who was buy then dating a white guy” he said

He also opened up about how the family had tried everything to help him but nothing worked.

He also narrated how random people would call him to ask why he wasn’t helping his brother who was in the streets not understanding the situation.

“He was extremely addicted, we took him to rehab countless times. We had decided as a family that we are going to help him come out of the addiction, but that was the mistake, it was us who decided and not him. I came to Nairobi in 2003, I was happy that I had a brother so I could go and visit him. But I noticed things were not well. Random people could just call me, telling me I was busy on TV while my brother was out on the streets. But people could not understand that I have tried my best. I had told myself that I will manage to help him, but little did I know how deep his addiction had gone,” he said