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  • Eric Omondi threatens Foreign Affairs Ministry.
  • He has vowed to fly to India and have the three Kenyans travel back at home should the ministry not heed his call.
  • They’re currently holed up in a ‘safe haven’ which is not safe at all due to its deplorable condition. It also doubles up as a mental unit further complicating the aura.

Comedian turned human-rights activist Eric Omondi has threatened the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs to bring back three Kenyans who are stuck in India lest he flies to India and fight for their return back home.

Taking to his social media platforms, the funnyman affirmed that the three Kenyans were going through hell and needed to be back home.

Eric further threatened to fly to India and have the three reunited with their families should the ministry not heed his call.

“To Whom It May Concern.

These Kenyans are suffering and just want to come back home. Please don’t make me go to India. Calling upon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help bring brothers home to their families” he fired.



Overstayed In India

According to the shared appeal from the victims, their offense was due to overstaying in India.

The consequences have since seen one of them serve a jail term of seven months.

After the completion of the prison term, a home shelter has been her refuge. However, numerous calls to the Kenyan Embassy in India regarding deportation have not yielded much.

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They’ve also suffered the same fate while contacting other human rights activists including the Indian government.

“We really need help we are stuck here in India a city called Kerala. Okay we’re three Kenyans we were arrested due to overstay. One has stayed in prison for 7 months and after she was taken to a shelter home where she has stayed since January 11th till date no action about her deportation or case has been taken she has tried contacting the Embassy but they said there is nothing they can do since the case is still on” partly read the message.

Deplorable Conditions

The message further disclosed that the three are currently holed up in a deplorable state with higher risks of diseases.

The same ‘safe haven’ also doubles up as mental unit further complicating the aura.

Of late, Eric has turned out as the “Messiah” when it comes to human suffering. Through his ” Sisi Kwa Sisi” movement Kenyans have come out in droves supporting those in need.

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