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Eric Omondi To Assume Full Responsibility Of Maribe’s Child No Matter Outcome Of DNA Test


Popular comedian Eric Omondi has vowed to support  former T.V anchor Maribe’s Son no matter the outcome of the DNA Test.

The celebrated comedian and his alleged baby mama,Maribe have in recent days  been embroiled in a bitter online spat involving the paternity of their son.

Speaking during a radio interview with Mzazi Tuva of Radio Citizen, Eric regretted the harrowing scenario they’ve subjected the innocent child. “The whole of what’s going on am not happy, I regret it na mimi ata nimeamua personally I’ve decided I’ll take care of the child officially” He said.

Master Of Publicity Stunts

The comedian reminded all and sundry that he was known for publicity stunts which are commonly referred to as Kiki which are good for the entertainment industry.He touched on it as it was the one that led to him being termed a dead beat dad when he posted a fake photo of himself and a pregnant Miss P.

You know how i do my things kama niko na show mbwe mbwe makelele kelele unajua, nikiwa na show kesho KICC i have to be creative ndio ni create attention ya watu, Miss P tumekutana juzi Kiki na naona watu hawapendi the word Kiki, Kiki is entertainment, it’s very good for entertainment, “added Eric.


He went further and disclosed how the pregnancy shoot came by as he was trying to push Miss P’s song dubbed ‘Baby Shower’. ” nikakua kwa Vera anacheza ngoma ya Harmonize ya Birthday juu hakuna ngoma anacheza nikapata ting idea! juu saa hizi kuna wajawazito wengi… Sasa imekuwa fashion kukuwa na baby bump, kupiga shoot.. Mimi nikataka kuskuma ngoma tukaenda tukafanya pregnancy,” revealed Eric.

Eric was also remorseful for dragging media personality Sam Ogina’s name to their altercation with Maribe. However, he affirmed that the two were an item at that time.

“Ningependa kumuomba msamaha… It was a truth that was unnecessary for me to say so hakuna hatua anaweza chukua juu ni walikuwa wanadate,” he said.

By Steve Osaka