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Eric Omondi Trolled For Blaspheming Jesus


eric-omondi2Are Kenyan celebrities pushing it too hard to stay relevant and is controversy the only way to limelight?

A photo of Eric Omondi mocking the crucifixion of Christ is doing rounds on Social Media in what many suspect  to be a tease to a release of one of his untamed videos.

Though the motivation behind it is still unclear, bile is slowly building up from KOT as they express their disgust and disappointment in equal measures.

The comedian is seen hanging from a cross with the caption ‘Mwizi Forgiven’ and he is almost naked save from a pant like robe to cover his manhood and a turban on his head.

The expression on his face depicts a man who is suffering and this has angered most Kenyans as it seen as a disrespect to Christ’s suffering and the christian religion as a whole.

Eric who has slowly gained popularity from his ‘Eric Untamed’ series that comics the lifestyles of celebrities and trends has been seen to push the envelope further in every new release in a bid to try and test the waters on how far he can go with his humour. The videos suggest a whole lot of investment in time and resources involved.

As KOT’s wrath gathers no moss, he better  have a good explanation and soon before he is trolled mercilessly.

Here are some of the tweets already going round

3h3 hours ago  “Railways photoshoots didn’t get him enough attention now he’s blaspheming.”
@Chicharito said “This one tries too hard.”