Eric Omondi trolled for his huge ‘package’

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Comedian Eric Omondi stole the show last evening when he shared a photo in a bathing suit that clearly showed off his well endowed ‘package.’

The comedian in  a bid to promote Bonfire andventure’s one of the country’s fastest growing travel and tours company shared a photo of him and his Italian girlfriend holidaying at the coast.

Well, nothing posted online escapes the eye of the internet users and soon after he posted the photo Kenyan’s took to social media to post their reaction.

The image gave rise to an #EricOmondichallenge in a matter of seconds with Kenyans posting the craziest of images and comments.

“Eric Omondi hiyo ni fire station yote. Waahh, KPLC yako iko na Watts mob man. Kumbe ile ya Governor Cyprian Awiti haikuwa kitu. I Salenda,” wrote one user

Check out some of the hilarious photos below.