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Eric Omondi Vows To Eject Ezekiel Mutua From Office


Popular comedian Eric Omondi has vowed to steer the removal of moral cop Ezekiel Mutua from office after the latter termed him broke  together with the entire creative industry.

Mutua made the statement in a local media station ‘Milele Fm’ via a phonecall interview where he downplayed Erick Omondi’s cash gift of Ksh 200,000 to Singer Kevin Bahati after being denied sponsorship towards his recent album launch ‘Love Like This’.

This was because Bahati was accused of violating the ‘Clean Content’ guidelines as stipulated by the watch dog.

“Hakuna pesa alitoa Omondi ni maskini bwana, ile ni sarakasi ya kujionyesha… Kwa nini alingojea wakati tume withdraw? Omondi hana hata mia, hana hata elfu kumi ya kupatia watu,wasanii wanaumia yee ni mwombaji walahi,” stated Mutua.

He went as far as saying that it is the same gimmicks of having it all when in real sense they are suffering that leads creatives into falling into depression.

“Na hizi sarakasi ndio zinawafanya waende into depression when they try to play deep kuonyesha wako sawa na hawako sawa.. We know them, we have their records and their accounts we know how they operate and who is making money, if the entire industry is not making money,” added Mutua.

Taking to Instagram, Eric Omondi who is currently in Tanzania rubbished the allegations terming Mutua as not only being a liar but also a busy body misusing government funds and vowed to push for his removal from the position.

” Enough is enough!!! We have to stop this NONSENSE!!! All the money I make is through blood and sweat, most of the money you make is through misappropriation of Public funds… You promised @mulamwah only to withdraw at the last minute, then you did the same @bahatikenya only to let him down on the day of his event.. You are a pathological liar Daktari.. I will ensure you are not occupying that office by September, you cannot call an entire industry MASKINI ambao hawajiwezi,” read part of the comedian’s statement to Mutua.

Will Omondi succeed?

Story By Steve Osaka.