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Eric Omondi’s body secret revealed by photographer

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Self-proclaimed president of comedy Eric Omondi official photographer Kapedo, has revealed that Eric Omondi pays him Ksh. 100,000 to make him look muscular.

Kapedo says that he has enhanced Eric Omondi’s looks many times on his photos and he is paid handsomely for that.

According to Kapedo Eric Omondi also pays him Ksh. 70,000 per shoot and that they do not look at the number of photos taken.

Tunaweka Abs tunaweka Kifua tunaweka mafuta but it photography it’s all about making one look good hapo naye ni 100k. Per shoot hizi tunado products he pays 70k per shoot it doesn’t matter if umepiga picha mbili ama kumi anakulipa 70k,” said Kapedo.

Kapedo says that he texted many celebrities requesting to work with them but only Eric responded to him and the two have been working together ever since.

“Mimi nilitext Eric after story ya Covid ianze. Nilitext wasee wengi wenye tulikuwa na wao churchil but Eric ndio akanijibu. Eric alikuwa na project na akaniambi niende nimfanyie shoot, so nikamfanyia the first picture after kumtumia the same day jioni akaniambia bro umefanya ile kitu. So from that day ndio nikaanza kumpigia picha till now,” added Kapedo.


He however said that he does not blame the other celebrities for not responding because he was still new in the photography industry.

Siwezi blame nikasema wao kutoreply ilikuwa kitu mbaya I think hta sikukuwa nimebuild brand yangu venye ilikuwa stable for anyone to think I can work with this person but since Eric was the first person ilinipea a major boost,” he added.

The now photographer was previously a poet at Churchill raw show but quit when the show took a break due to Covid -19.

He also said that he never attended a photography class and taught himself through the help of some Kenyan photographers.



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