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Esther Passaris To Spearhead Arrest Of Youths


Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris has stated that she will instigate the arrests of youths who have taken Television sets and chairs she issued for entrepreneurial purposes to their houses.

Passaris says she is well aware that some of the youth groups that had stated that they have halls to put up centers for watching football and movies have instead taken the TV sets to their houses.

Passaris says some have even gone a further step of selling the television sets.

The visibly angry women representative says that she will file a report and have the culprits arrested.

“I will file a report to the police, we shall remove the TV sets from the houses and have all those culprits arrested,” said Passaris.

Passaris she will not allow some rogue youths to misuse government resources at the expense of others.

Passaris has been issuing Television sets and other electronics to different youth groups accross Nairobi through the NGAF fund.