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Ethic, Boondocks Gang’s Nakuru concert goes horribly wrong revelers end up in Hospital

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Over the weekend revelers in Nakuru county were treated to a gengetone concert courtesy of the Chrome Vodka.

According to the event advertisements, the tickets to the Flow na Chrome mega bash were going for Kes 250 redemerble for the 250ml bottle of Vodka.

The event allegedly kicked off well untill revelers got drunk and started throwing bottles at Ethic Crew who were on stage.

According to a certain netizen, the event organizers were forced to end the gig early after the crowd got rowdy.

“Event organisers pia saa zingine hawawezi joh. Jana kulikuwa na ile event ya flow na Chrome huku Nakuru. Entrance ilikuwa 250 bob alafu unapewa chrome quarter. Expected artists walikuwa Boondocks, Ethic, Sailors, Pozze na Juacali. Event ilishika for the first 2 hrs. Boondocks waka perfom apo saa nne na nusu. Dj akatesa na mix for about 1 and a half hour alafu ethic wakaingia stage. (Since 250bob is so cheap almost kila mtu kwa hio event alikuwa below 22 yrs. Na kila mtu alikuwa na chupa juu tiko ilikuwa redeemable na 250ml chrome.)… It was 12am and almost everyone was tipsy. Ethic waliimba tu songs tatu chupa zikaanza kurushwa kwa stage na this rowdy youths. Though show ilikuwa imeshika tulikuwa tu tunaona chupa ziki fly to the stage. Ethic walijaribu ku ignore izo chupa not knowing izo chupa zikiwapata… zitawaumiza vibaya. Ethic walikuwa wana perfom wakimiss ma chupa kwa stage. Ikafika place chupa zikaaanza kurushwa mingi and Ethic wakatolewa stage. Kiasi kiasi chupa zikaanza kurushwa tena to the empty stage. Ikabidi event imekatizwa na everyone ordered to vacate juu youths…” wrote a twitter user identifies as Shanki Austine

After the organizers ordered everyone to leave, the crowd allegedly got into a fight with bouncers that left many people injured.

According to Netizens, some ladies were beaten and raped during the scuffle.

“The aftermath of Chrome Vodka event gone wrong. 6 ladies raped 24 vehicles vandalised.” Wrote one netizen

The even had lined up Boondocks Gang, Sailors, Ethic Crew, Willy Paul and Jua Cali as the main Acts at the event, however Juacali and Willy Paul did not even get to hit the stage.

The organizers are yet to release a statement regarding the happenings in Nakuru.


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