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Ethic crew blast Koroga Festival management over Physical abuse


Ethic music crew have on Sunday morning took to social media to narrate how they were mistreated at the recently concluded Koroga festival.

The crew had been selected to headline the event and were to perform onb Saturday.

In a message they shared on Instagram, Ethic said that Koroga invited them to perform and after their performance, they were treated with hostility, a move that left members of their team with injuries.

“It’s with deep regret that we have to post this. Koroga festival called us and told us to perform as the headliners for the Koroga festival Saturday edition. We’d done one event with them previously and since we had no issues the last time and also because it is a huge platform, we obviously jumped at the opportunity to perform again. This time, However, the treatment we got from them was more than hostile. As we speak four of our members including our Dj, hypeman , Zilla and our driver are all in hospital, brutally injured by Guards from the K9 security company and other festival organizers. We want to state that we will be seeking legal redress as we need due compensation from Koroga and K9 security group for our medical bills et al. As we push Kenyan music to the world we hope that one day,Kenyan artists will one day be treated the same as artists from other countries. The Saturday event this time surpassed all expectations and is definitely going to surpass their Sunday one. You know why? Because we Kenyan artists have worked our asses off to finally get Kenyans to support their own. And this is an agenda we’re willing to push to the very end. To all our loyal fans we’re simply asking that you support our cause. #Justiceforethic#RespectKenyanartists

According to Ethic’s deejay, Dj Katta the scandal escalated when Ethic member Swat asked the events security why they could not get on stage with their security guy.

Katta says he went to check what the problem was and found Swat being mishandled.

“From the start we were not given a good reception, first we were asked to park in the same section with the fans, Ethic pulled a crowd for them and yet even at the backstage we were treated so badly constantly being shoved back and forth. When doing the set up I realized  Swat wasn’t on stage and I went to check on him and found him being beaten so we decided to record and that’s when the security guys started beating us, demanding that we give up our phones so that they delete the videos we recorded.” said deejay Katta.

According to Ethic, their DJ, Hypeman, driver and Ethic’s Zilla were harassed and beaten by security personnel from K9 Security, who had been hired to provide security at the event.

The Figa hit singers said that they will take legal action against Koroga and K9 security for compensation on medical bills used to treat the four members of their team.