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Ethic Crew speaks out on controversies surrounding song ‘Tarimbo’


Controversial Gengetone artistes Ethic Crew have finally addressed the controversies surrounding their latest song ‘Tarimbo’

The song which premiered on Youtube on Friday 1st November has been at the center of online bashing with many people calling for its withdrawal from Youtube.

Through their twitter account, the group issued a statement saying they respect women and the song is not aimed at promoting rape culture as has been claimed.

“It has come to our attention that our latest single ‘Tarimbo’ has stirred up mixed reactions and elicited various negative interpretations from different quarters. As recording artists, it is our sole duty to entertain our fans and NOT deploy our content to propagate hate against any person, most importantly women.

As artists, we are sons to our mothers, brothers to our sisters, uncles to our nieces and friends to our female friends and fans, and it is not in any way our intention to publicize violence or rape against these highly revered individuals in our community.” they tweeted

The crew also issued a public apology to anyone who was offended by the song.

“As Ethic Entertainment, we are truly remorseful for any dolor caused by the lyrics to our single, and for every single person that was triggered to a displeasing memory or emotion by it, receive our sincere apologies. Rest assured that no disrespect was intended” they added

Moral cop, Ezekiel Mutua had called on the group to be arrested just hours after the song was released, terming the song a ‘pure crap’

“I have spoken to Google to take down the damn crap called Tarimbo by Ethic Entertainment which advocates for rape of women. Promoting violence against women is criminal and the DCI should arrest the entire bunch of musicians called Ethic, under Article 33, for going beyond the prescribed delimitations on freedom of expression by advocating for violence against women. We banned Wamlambez, people said we were killing creativity. I asked these morons if they could shout Wamlambez before their parents and they said they could. I was baffled. These so called musicians and performers have defied everything decent  societies holds dear. They have thrown morality to the four winds in the name of money and popularity. Unless decent people rise against the wave of immorality in Kenya, we are going to lose a generation in the name of creative freedom. No freedom is absolute. This time round we must draw the line!” he said

Mutua later confirmed that the song together with Timmy Tdat’s ‘Vitamin U’ have now been age restricted on the music platform.

“Google has confirmed to us that the two videos Tarimbo by Ethic and Vitamin U by Timmy Tdat are not available on YouTube to users with restricted mode turned on. Google has facilitated restriction for kids as long as the restriction mechanism is activated. The Board shall be vigilant to ensure this kind unpalatable content is not accessed by children.” he said