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Ethic crew to be fined 100K.. Vera’s ‘twerkathon’ fails, Here are this week’s trending stories


This week gengetone group Etic crew landed in trouble with their fans over the controversial lyrics of their song promoting rape. On the other hand, Vera Sidika promised fans a massive ‘Twerkathon’  but failed to deliver. Here are this week’s top stories.

  1. Ethic Crew

On Monday gengetone Group Ethic entertainment was forced to apologize to their fans following the backlash over their song ‘Soko’ whose video premiered on Youtube on Sunday 19th April.

The song received heavy criticism on social media with many netizens calling out the group for releasing a song that seems to advocate for rape and Pedophilia.

Following the outcry, the group came out to say it was not their intention to portray the lyrics in such away.

“We owe an apology to our fans who have been nothing but supportive throughout our Journey. It has come to our attention that our recently released Soko video has unintentionally promoted Paedophilic culture. We Are therefore sending out sincere apologies to all our fans and viewers at large. As a result, we have made sure the video has been taken down, it’s inaccessible and we shall not further upload it. We have noted an exchange on Twitter under Swat’s name and we move to confirm that it is an impersonation as Swat does not own a Twitter account. Over and above we sincerely apologize and we are working to release better music content in the future. We appreciate the feedback and we are also grateful for your continued patience. We love you all” Ethic said

  1. Ezekiel Mutua to fine Ethic crew Ksh.100k

Kenya Film Classification Board C.E.O Ezekiel Mutua asked gengetone group Ethic to present themselves to the nearest police station over their banned song ‘Soko’

In a statement on Tuesday, Mutua said an apology is not enough and that they have to face punishment by law as provided for in the Films and Stage Plays Act.

Mutua also said that Ethic are repeat offenders and therefore will have to be held responsible.

“So Ethic Entertainment issued this statement late last night ostensibly apologizing for their despicable song “Soko” which obviously promoted pedophilic culture. This was after KFCB pushed Google to take down the unpalatable song on the grounds that it promoted defilement of children.

“Now listen guys, an apology won’t just wash. You will have to face the full force of the law as provided for in the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222 of the laws of Kenya:

  • Delete the offensive material – all versions of the uploads you had done.
  • Present yourself to the KFCB offices or to the nearest police station while observing the COVID-19 safety guidelines. You can be accompanied by your lawyers.
  • Pay a fine of Ksh100,000 or face a five year jail term. This applies to the singers, producers and distributors of the banned song jointly and severally.

In fact, regarding No.3 above, since you are repeat offenders, you should have faced both, but considering the COVID-19 situation, we would prefer to sort the matter under ADR as long as you commit to desist from creating such obnoxious stuff,” said Ezekiel Mutua.

  1. Vera’s failed online Twerkathon

For the better part of last week and early this week, socialite and business woman, Vera Sidika hyped her Instagram live show which fans hope will treat them to some twerk videos.

Fans were eager to be part of the much-hyped ‘Sin city event’ that was to kick off on Tuesday night.

Netizens were however disappointed by Vera’s much-hyped show when it turned out to be all talk and nothing much to see.

This was mainly because many anticipated that it would be as lit as vlogger Xtiandela’s Club Covid which has been causing ripples (Literally) for weeks now.

Following an online uproar, Vera has been forced to apologize, saying that her Instagram live crashed and that is why fans didn’t get the chance to see what they camped on her page for.

“More than 42,000 views in 10 minutes. WOW. I appreciate y’all for tuning in tonight even though my IG live crashed & the show didn’t happen  I’m so pissed. I had my big Booty girls set aside for tonight & due to overwhelming requests & comments couldn’t get them to come in  Show didn’t happen but I’ll fix this soon I promise  Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Love y’all ” said Vera Sidika.

  1. Khaligraph’s mtoto wa Diana Lyrics

Rapper Khaligraph has been forced to responds after trolls turned his lyrics to diss Bahati.

According to Khaligraph, he was only addressing the issue of how trolls bully artistes on social media.

“I said Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa ni mtoto wa Diana. First of all, that is not a diss and I’m seeing people who are trying to make it sound or look like Khaligraph Jones is dissing Bahati. I’m just echoing the sentiments of these people on twitter so Bahati manze usijali Khaligraph Jones hakuwa anakudiss,” said the rapper.

In his latest song dubbed ‘Hao’ Khaligraph addresses the issue of social media trolls and the pressure of being a celebrity in Kenya.

In the lyrics, he gives an example of how Bahati was referred to as ‘mtoto wa mama’ but now trolls refer to him as his wife’s first born.

“Kuwa celebrity ni garama juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana hakuna huruma siri ni kulenga tu,” the OG sings

In an online post, Bahati now said he loves being addressed as Mtoto wa Diana.

“Bahati Akianza Alikua Mtoto Wa Mama • Sahiiii Ni Mtoto Wa Diana and I’m Loving it  @DIANA_MARUA,” wrote Bahati

Diana Marua also broke her silence regarding the matter. Diana says her and Bahati do not mind being trolled because the know how to shut down trolls.

“Mtoto Waaaannngggguuuuu  I just love how we stop Reggae  Love you Baby @bahatikenya” she said

  1. EkO Dydda in Forced quarantine

Gospel singer Eko Dydda was arrested on Saturday, April 18th for flaunting curfew rules and has since been put in forced quarantine at KMTC.

According to the singer’s wife, he was arrested on his way home from a pharmacy where he had gone to get her high blood pressure medication.

The singer is said to have spent the night at Milimani police station before drama ensued when he was supposed to be released and he was sent to KMTC for the mandatory quarantine.

According to Sylvia, the situation started getting out of hand when the singer, who was stopped at a roadblock never resisted arrest but the police insisted on towing his car away.

“The first time, he complied. It was late, and there was a roadblock. I enquired of the police officers if it was legal for a car to be towed if the owner had neither declined to drive the car nor was broken down.

Following the uproar over his arrest on social media, the singer was released on Thursday after spending three days at the quarantine facility.