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Ethic Entertainment Hits Out At Police Brutality In New Jam ‘Masanse’


Gengetone group Ethic Entertainment famed for the runaway hit ‘Lamba Lolo’ comprising of a quartet Rekles, Swat,Seska and Zila are back with a song dubbed ‘Masanse’ addressing police brutality. The song premieres on Monday September the 13th.

Bare Knuckle Lyrics

The song whose teaser is already doing rounds on social media is laced with hard hitting lyricism depicting a fed up generation toward rogue police right from its introduction.

 “Masanse msimade mtulinde ukipata msee hana kosa msaree (cops don’t kill us just protect us when one is innocent just leave him alone),” loosely translates part of its introduction.

Group member Rekles delivers the chorus which oozes annoyance and disobedience towards cops’ ill character.

Mbona unanikamata na nasaka tu penny cheki joh toka jana vijana wanadedi alafu mnasema mi jangili haunijui unataka nini na mimi, (Why are you arresting me while am trying to make ends meet, from yesterday young souls are killed in the pretext they’re thugs, get off me you don’t know me,” Sings Rekles.

 The first verse is held by Swat who comes through spitting real venom, “Najua umetae pia mi nimetae si tubonge basi kama wanaume, najua we ni flaye pia mi naeza fly si tubonge basi kama wanaume (I know you’re circumcised so am i why can’t we talk as men, I know you’re an undercover agent i can also fly why don’t we come to an agreement as men “is a translation of Swat’s verse as shown in the sneak peak teaser,” he says

From what is out it clearly shows that the rest of the song will be a sure fire bare knuckle lyricism directed at the rogue cops.

 The video also shows police clobbering people in day broadlight during past protests.


Chronology Of The Recent Fall Of Public /Police Brutality

The emergence of the corona pandemic which came with a host of stringent rules from social distancing to the imposition of night to dawn curfew clearly showed the negative side of the rogue police unit.

The recent death of the Kianjokoma  brothers Benson Njiru and Emmanuel Mutura led the public in an uproar in fighting the rampant police brutality, the brothers met their untimely death for flouting the dusk to dawn curfew.

Their bodies were dumped at the Embu Level 5 hospital. Police reports indicate the duo sustained injuries after jumping off a police vehicle, theories which have firmly been refuted.

At least two demonstrators have also died while picketing for the brother’s death.

Ethic Entertainment joins Boy Band Sauti Sol in addressing police injustices, the latter sang ‘Blue Uniform’ with lyrics showing the struggles encountered at the hands of the police.

Dandora based Hip hop Group ‘Ukoo flani’ is one crew synonymous with fighting social injustices including police brutality. Will the public and police relationship change, share your thoughts in the comment section.


By Steve Osaka.