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Ethic Entertainment To Donate Album Sales Towards ending period shame


Kenya’s Gengetone Godfathers Ethic Entertainment have embarked on a new journey to help the girl child.

The group has partnered with Blossom & Hope initiative to provide free sanitary towels to the girl child in informal settlements.

The group has now committed 10% of their debut album sales to buying sanitary towels for the needy girls.

Blossom and Hope is an organization that provides young adolescent with the Sanitary towels they need to navigate puberty &step into their potential. It is also the Pioneering voice in menstrual health & hygiene.

‘’We have acknowledged and realized the efforts of @blossom_and_hope in ending period shame and poverty. Therefore, moving forward, we shall dedicate 10% of our album sales in support of this noble cause.#endperiodshame #endperiodpoverty#endperiodstigma’’ – Read the post.

Through their partnership with Blossom and Flair, the group aims to reach the girl child who always encounters problems to access sanitary towels. They also aim to ensure that Period shaming and stigmatization is put to an end.

Speaking in a phone interview with Elee Global, The group through their manager John Mbugua alias Gathee stated that they decided to work with Blossom and Hope because of the amazing steps and activities undertaken by the organization in fighting period shame.

“We have closely been in contact with Blossom And Flair and must say that we are impressed with their efforts towards this fight, a reason that compelled us to go into partnership. Yes we will be giving out a percentage of our Latest Album Sales to go towards supporting the course.’’ – Stated Gathee

He also added that ‘’ Over the years, the girl child has undergone problems regarding this issue and little has been done to address it especially in the ghetto areas where the  income is low. . And so, girls are left to look for other alternatives so as to afford sanitary towels with some even even using unhygienic mechanisms to help themselves. Bearing in mind that most of our fans are ladies and young, It pains us to hear the many bad incidents that girls are forced to undergo  just to be able to get money to afford a sanitary towel some of which even include child prostitution. It’s now time for us as Ethic Entertainment to make a stand and help where we can, a reason why a percentage of our sales will be directed towards the course.” he added

Ethic Entertainment which has been heavily criticized for their lyrics over time has now turned a new leaf and hopes  that the move will build a better more solid relationship with their fans.

Ethic entertainment rose to fame after the release of Lamba lolo two years ago. They have  since worked with a long wrap sheet of artists including Boondocks Gang, Otile Brown and The Kansoul. They are signed to A.I Records Under Universal Music Group with Their latest Album titled Big Man Bado Odinare now available for purchase worldwide.