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Ever Heard Of Chinese Singing “Cha Kutumaini Sina” in Fluent Swahili?


bibleThe relationship between Kenya and China is honestly on another level. I mean , apart from signing bilateral business and development agreement, seems our Chinese brothers and sisters have taken it a notch higher, this time to the Churches.

So yesterday I came along this Facebook video of an anonymous Chinese choir singing “Mambo Sawasawa”…. very fluently. I thought that was super interesting and proceeded to Uncle You Tube to dig deeper.

To my awe, “Coro gracias” choir has not only done one, but more than five Swahili gospel numbers just to mention “Chakutumaini Sina”, “Ametenda Maajabu” amongst others.

As if that is not interesting enough, Coro gracias even rocked those “Orie Rogo” African Regalia, to look and sound African!!

You can imagine a Chinese on a Kitenge….? Check the videos out;

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