Everton Blender confirms Kenyan promoters failed him

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By Annette Amondi

Jamaican reggae legend Everton Blender has confirmed that Kenyan promoters did not pay him.

Blender performed in Nairobi in September and has been in the country amid speculation that he is stranded.

“Those promoters did not do me well, those are not promoters they are just demoters.” He said

Speaking at Taurus Riley’s media briefing in Nairobi, Blender said that he is not stranded in the country.

“I’m not stranded in Kenya, that is just propaganda. I am here because I love the country. Even if I had nowhere to go, I got friends in Kenya and Kenyan ladies treat me so well so I would still be just fine.” He added

Blender will also be performing at Taurus Riley’s concert in Nairobi on Saturday 20th.